Why DoctorRelief?

Certified healthcare providers from many countries use the MedicRelief platform to perform video calls with their own patients through our DoctorPortal.

Doctors who choose to see other patients go through stringent screening, ongoing credentialing and training processes. Designed for global use, registration has always been invite-only.

Request an Invite

After setup, you can see if your colleagues have already signed up and if they can orientate you.

Work-Life Balance

DoctorRelief app behaves like a pager on your phone so you can respond to call requests. There’s no obligation to take calls but you are required to respond either through the app or your clinic.

As an on-demand service, where and when you work is up to you. All you need is a compatible computer with reliable internet connection.

Medical Indemnity

Most medical indemnity insurance providers already cover telehealth consultations. Please check if yours does too, if not we can send you a list of providers that already do.

Remember, your indemnity insurer will likely ONLY cover telehealth consultations within your home country. However, MedicRelief access providers in many countries that can help ensure adequate coverage is available for overseas consultations.

Embracing Telehealth

Video calls cannot replace physical consultations. By introducing MedicRelief to your patients at work, you facilitate continuity of care with them.

Invite your colleagues to help integrate Telehealth appointments into your calendar. Together, your private practice can be more efficiently delivered for the benefit of you, your clinic and patients.

COVID-19: MedicRelief Makes All Telehealth Involving Healthcare Rebates Free


Founded in 2011 by a group of doctors working in regional Australia, MedicRelief.com started as a way for us to provide relief to our colleagues when they require support or time off work. The work that culminated in the service you see today started in 2015 when we expanded to provide medical relief to patients and became a video-calling Telehealth service.

Over the years, we designed MedicRelief to complement our doctor’s existing private practice while giving them control over their time. This means the service is designed to be paid out-of-pocket so that doctors can connect with their own patients even when overseas.

Being global, we limited doctors to invite-only to ensure quality and patient-safety, but we never imagined a world with COVID-19. As an Australian tech company, we have been doing our part to help while closely monitoring the pandemic and how it is affecting our clinical practice across the country and the world.

When the Australian Government announced the COVID-19 National Health Plan, we felt we must do more to help. As more countries begin to commit to providing temporary Bulk-Billed Telehealth Services, we decided to take this opportunity to waive any fees associated with the delivery of our service in relation to any Bulk-Billed telehealth services until the end date of each country’s commitments.

Essentially, this means MedicRelief will not process any healthcare rebates that might involve Medicare, NHS, Medicaid or other healthcare plans with full coverage and will pass that responsibility onto existing medical practices or other solutions. After the 30th of September 2020, $5 per call associated with facilitating partially-eligible, federally-funded transactions will be processed as per the current arrangement unless the Bulk-Billed commitment continues.

However, in order for patients to be Bulk-Billed, all consultations must be initiated or organised by their doctor or through the doctor’s clinic. This means, even though patients can still find their own doctors through MedicRelief, the medical practitioner must have already agreed to this bulk-billing arrangement.

Starting from the 1st of April 2020, any certified healthcare provider can request an invitation to register on https://DoctorRelief.com and join the community of doctors behind MedicRelief.

For more information, visit… https://MedicRelief.com Release date: 1st April 2020

Original Post – https://doctorrelief.co/free-telehealth-involving-healthcare-rebates/