Why DoctorRelief?

Certified healthcare providers from many countries use the MedicRelief platform to perform video calls with their own patients through our DoctorPortal.

Doctors who see other patients undergo stringent screening, ongoing credentialing and training processes. Designed for global use, registration is invite-only, which requires a Referrer Code.

Request an Invite

If you prefer, one of your colleagues or another doctor who has already joined can orientate you.

Work-Life Balance

DoctorRelief is also an app so you can manage and schedule call requests on the move. There’s no obligation for you to take calls, but you are required to advise your availability through the app.

Where and when you work on your computer is up to you. All you need is a compatible laptop / desktop with reliable internet connection.

Medical Indemnity

Most medical indemnity insurers already cover telehealth consults. Please check if yours does too, if not, we can send you a list of providers that do.

Remember, some might not cover consultations outside your home country. To help, MedicRelief access providers in many countries to ensure adequate coverage is available for overseas consults.

Telehealth @ Work

Video calls cannot replace physical consults. By integrating MedicRelief at work, you facilitate better communication and continuity of care. This way, your practice can be more efficiently delivered, for the benefit of you, your clinic and patients.


Create a Starter account to make quick Video calls wth your patients
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