Practice Plans & Pricing

Video-Telehealth that keeps you connected and compliant

NOTE: To sign up as a Practice / Clinic and benefit from the plans & pricing below – Doctor Owners, Practice Owners or Practice Managers must sign up first and then invite the doctors who will be seeing patients at this practice / clinic after completing the setup on your computer.





Price for 1 minute

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$ 0 / clinic

per month

Basic Features

Limited to

100 Calls per month


Great for doctors new to Video-Telehealth




AUD$ 500* / clinic

per month


 For Busy Clinics

5 active doctors OR

500 Calls per week

Suitable for practices familiar with Telehealth




AUD$ 1000* / clinic

per month

Premium Features

10 active doctors  OR

1000+ Calls per week


Premium features for Specialist & Group practices




Tailored Pricing


Enterprise Support

Unlimited number of active doctors and Calls per week


Discounts available for 

pre-paid packages

All plans are HIPAA/PIPEDA-enabled. Entry-level plans start at $0 per month per private practice / clinic which comes licensed for 1 Doctor.

Individual doctors who prefers to see patients other than their own must undergo stringent screening, ongoing credentialing and training processes. Designed for global use, individual doctor registration is always invite-only, which requires a Referrer Code. The doctor has to be invited by a colleague or another doctor they know who has already signed up. Although they can request an invite from here, this invitation list remains long and the process to go through every doctor may take sometime.

* Service fees or any other charges paid directly by the patient through the MedicRelief app will not affect these monthly payments. All payments made on the MedicRelief app should not involve the practice / clinic as it is paid directly to the doctor except for other prior arrangements. – Likewise, MedicRelief will not be involved with any private/public-billings or any financial transaction that takes place at the practice / clinic despite the consultation over the app / portal.

** Please contact our sales team to find out more about the Premium-level or Enterprise-level signed BAA for HIPAA-enabled compliance and to learn about our unique 1, 2 and 3 year pre-paid packages.